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  1. スポット的なコンサルティングサービス
  2. 月極めのコンサルティングサービス
  3. プロジェクト業務のコンサルティングサービス

タイの法律事務所 バンコクビジネス&ロー株式会社には独自の強みとして、各種機関に確かなネットワークがあります。このパイプをフル活用して、ベテランのタイ人弁護士と日系企業で長期勤務経験があり、強力なコネクションを持つタイ人コーディネーター日本人コーディネーターが日本人の方々のトラブルに対応していきます。特に民事・刑事・労働・家庭内の事件や役所への申請・更新トラブル日本大使館・所轄警察署が取り合ってくれない案件を得意としています。

* 警察に捕まったなどの緊急刑事案件詐欺経理の横領などの刑事事件
* 貸した金を返さないなどの民事事件
* 突然解雇を言われるなど不当解雇、正当に解雇したのに不当解雇で訴えられたなどの労働

* オーバーステイや他社では対応できないと言われたビザ関連トラブル
各種ビザワークパーミット申請ロングステイビザ(80万バーツない方 応相談)
* 国際結婚の手続き、離婚したいが相手が同意しない、財産分与などの結婚・離婚相談
* 不動産の売買、コンドミニアム賃貸トラブルなど


  • 会社設立、株主変更、事業免許申請など
  • 契約違反、貸付金、各種損害賠償金、売買契約、賃貸借契約など
  • 暴力、詐欺、名誉毀損、窃盗、脅迫など刑事法案件
  • 雇用契約、解雇、就業規則の作成
  • 結婚、離婚、子供の養育権、子供の認知、 遺言など家族法案件
  • 著作権、特許権、商標、営業秘密など知的財産権
  • その他 破産、行政手続き、税法など

※ 法律相談 初回 1時間のみ無料(弁護士同席でも無料)

Bangkok Business & Law Co., Ltd. is an office that provides services related to legal and business procedures, and was established by bringing together a wealth of Thai lawyers and professionals with legal experience. We mainly deal with legal procedures and legal cases.

Service type is consulting service. Monthly consulting service. Project consulting service

Thai Law Office Bangkok Business & Law Co., Ltd. has its own strength, having a solid network among various institutions. Using this pipe fully, Thai coordinators and Japanese coordinators with strong connections who have long-term work experience with veteran Thai lawyers and Japanese companies will respond to Japanese people’s problems. In particular, we are good at civil / criminal / labor / domestic cases, application / update to government offices, and cases where the Japanese Embassy / Department Police Department does not meet.

* Emergency criminal cases such as being caught by police, fraud, criminal cases such as misappropriation of accounting
* Civil cases such as not returning money lent
* Unfair dismissal, such as being said to be fired suddenly Labor troubles such as being sued
* Visa related troubles that can not be dealt with overstaying and other companies
* Various visas and work permit applications, long stay visas (800,000 baht not available)
* Company establishment, employment regulations, license approval, Application for factory and BOI approval
* International marriage procedure, divorce want to divorce but the other party does not agree, marriage and divorce consultation such as property sharing
* Real estate buying and selling, condominium rental trouble etc

Various legal services

  • Company establishment, shareholder change, business.
  • license application such as contract violation, loan.
  • various damages, sales contract, rental contract such as
  • violence, fraud, defamation, theft, such as criminal law employment contract such as intimidation, dismissal, creation of work rule.
  • Marriage, divorce, child’s custody, child’s cognition, will etc.
  • Family law project copyright, patent right, trademark, trade secret, etc. intellectual property right etc. bankruptcy, administrative procedure, tax
  • law etc.
※ Legal consultation First time free of charge (1 hour Attorneys are also free)

Bangkok Business and Law Co.,Ltd.

No.5 Sittivorakij Building (Chong Nonsi BTS Station), Silom Soi 3,

Room. 143 , 14th Floor, Silom Road, Kwang Silom, Khet Bangrak,   Bangkok  10500  Thailand






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